The Project

The Idea

The idea is really quite simple Рfor an entire year, photograph Maine. Travel the state and photograph the big things, the little things, the festivals and fairs, the parades and events, the scenery and places, the trees and animals.

The Plan

Travel the entire state, all 16 counties and photograph the essence of Maine – what makes our state unique among all other places in the world. During this journey, video blog the experience and provide daily updates along with the photo of the day.


For six generations, members of the Kelley side of my family have lived and worked around Bangor, Maine. This is my home – and I want to show it to you. From the seemingly endless potato fields in Aroostook County to the beaches in Kittery¬†– from the ski country of the Western mountains to the lobster fishing in the East, I want to take you through a journey, showing one man’s photographic record of an entire year, in Maine.

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